What is DYCMN™?

DYCMN is a culture, a lifestyle, and a movement. We are a group of vetted motivational speakers and entrepreneurs who are looking to inspire transformational change within our audience. Our mission is to bring out the DYCMN Warriorin each other and those seeking to manifest changes within their lives. At DYCMN you will find speakers, coaches, motivators, leaders, peers, innovators, and so much more. Contact us to see how you, your group, or your organization can move towards becoming a DYCMN Warrior.

Derreck A. Ford, DCYMN™ Warrior

Are You a DYCMN™ Warrior?

The DYCMN Warrior Creed™

I am a DYCMN™ Warrior.

I dare to dream. I am determined, disciplined, and devoted to follow the direction I have chosen for myself without disruption or distraction.

I believe in myself and continually recite the mantra, “Why Not Me.

I understand the necessity for proper exercise and nutrition, and the value of meditation.

I am NOT who I was yesterday; for today I say, “YES” – as I see myself transforming into the person I choose to be.

I am courageous, committed to change, choosing to create with clarity the new me.

I am no coward in the face of challenges; for I know that if I move forward with conviction, my dreams will materialize.

I am mindful that some people will seek to deter me, but I maintain an attitude of “Do It, No Matter What.

I am a DYCMN™ Warrior. DO YOU SEE ME NOW?

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